Crown House Furnishing | Infrastructure
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The promoter-founders of the company have been at the top of technical advancement and have known the value of quality machinery since the time they setup shop. Creative Overseas has been at the forefront of technology in the weaving sector.
Our expertise in handling various kind of textile products and customer requirements directly depend on the way we handle and choose our machinery. With top of the line handloom machines, latest weaving preparatory and a humidification plant to keep the strong and healthy, our manufacturing facility can accommodate every requirement of rugs products.

Our Studio

We are bringing the techniques and latest designs. We offer a qualitative range of Home Furnishing products. These accessories are in different colors, print patterns & sizes. Premium 1st quality hand made designs at the lowest possible prices. We showcase our enchanting range of product Sets.

Creative Overseas are wonderful problem solvers because by using these textiles we can give a elegent and warmth look to our home. Culture of every country on earth has its own decorative home textiles. Among all cultures has many varieties. This type of different variety in textile may easily change or customized your home and may give a different and colourful look to your home items.